UPDATE: JT’s Bar in Superior

I suppose it was bound to happen, right? Things rarely stay the same and usually I’m a fan of change but not so much in this case. JT’s, probably the best gay bar in Superior, is no more. We walked inside and it seemed like something was different but we couldn’t quite place what it was. We sat down and ordered our drinks and the bartender spilled the beans. It was JT”s no more! Yup. That was the problem. No more rainbows on the walls. No more gay olympic signs. All of it gone. Even the music seemed different. No more dance music, just…mainstream stuff. How did this happen? No. I don’t care. It was devastating. The new owner said she bought it from her ex. She was changing it because she wanted ‘everyone to feel welcome’. Got news for ya, honey: I felt more welcome at JT’s than most other bars. She’s changing the menu, too, and I don’t care as much about that. Food is food but mainstream is not gay and I’m not sure Superior can handle another straight bar. I hope she makes it but she’ll probably have to do it without us. We might venture in once just to see what she’s done with the place but I doubt we’ll go back.


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