Identity Crisis! The Hammond: Superior, WI

The Hammond is just across the bridge from Duluth. It has a little split personality problem. It’s a bar. It’s a liquor store. It’s a restaurant and it’s even a little meat shop. I’m not sure it does any of these very well. Which is a pity, really. These things all go pretty well together. Stop off for a quick drink and pick up some meat for the grill and a bottle of something to drink. If you don’t want to cook, eat in the restaurant. Well…the liquor store part is OK. It’s certainly nothing spectacular. It has an OK (there’s that word again) selection but the prices seemed kind of high. The meat counter looks like a sad little after thought. It’s a couple of shelves with a few steaks. Again, they seemed kind of pricey and didn’t really look appetizing. Of course, what I know about what a good steak should look like isn’t much. The bar is one of those dark places where you can’t quite see the person a few seats down which is probably perfect because you aren’t sure  you want to. The bartenders are never very friendly. More interested in talking to the regular at the end of the bar who’s hacking up a lung or doing just about anything other than chatting up clientele. The drinks have either been pretty bad or not too bad.

The decor definitely needs to be updated. I always feel dirty walking in. The bathroom isn’t much better. I’m never sure why we keep going back other than it’s right across the bridge. One caveat: I’ve never eaten in the restaurant, which is upstairs. I’ve heard it’s ‘The’ place to go for steaks in the Twin Ports and maybe one day I’ll make it there for food. If I can get past the bar.

One response to “Identity Crisis! The Hammond: Superior, WI

  1. This is a classic place to get a beer or cocktail, and it is definitely an unusual place. Personally I love to take friends from out of town here, We always have a good time.

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