>North Pole Bar, Duluth, MN

I’m not sure how we found this bar. It’s not an area we are ever in. It’s not on or near any major road. I sometimes think my husband has a seventh sense when it comes to finding these out of the way places. We don’t come here often but I’m not sure why we keep going back. There’s nothing special about the bar. The size of the interior is average to small. The actual bar is tiny compared to most that we’ve seen. But…

The drinks are pretty decent and this last time we were there, were pretty darn cheap. He paid $6.25 for Smirnoff and CC and they were pretty decent pours. Or at least mine was. They did have a bloody Mary bar but it kinda looked icky. I guess ‘messy’ is more the right word. Like it got stampeded and no one bothered to clean it up or replenish anything.


I hesitate to use the word ‘quaint’ but that’s kind of what it is. It’s definitely has a neighborhood bar feel to it. There’s a picture of the original owner hanging over all the bottles of booze. But as the bartender was more interested in talking to his friends/regulars at the end of the bar that’s all I was able to find out. 

There’s a restaurant right next to the bar. I would guess from the sign above that they’re owned by the same person (or were) but I’ve never seen the restaurant open. Which is a shame because it looks exactly like the kind of greasy spoon place we’d love. And we’re always looking for somewhere new to have breakfast in the Twin Ports.   


One sort of odd thing, or so my man tells me…they have Grain Belt on tap. I know nothing of beer but he assures me that this is quite rare.


>The Fall Inn


The Fall Inn is tucked away in a residential area and if we hadn’t seen a sign that’s on Howard Gnesen, we probably never would have known it existed. The Fall Inn is pretty well surrounded by trees and deer are frequently spotted in the back. They do have a small deck back there so you can sit outside, but I think it’s mostly where smokers go for their fix.

This used to be one of our favorite places to go. It was close to home, they give a good pour and it was cheap. But they succumbed to one of the three Minnesota curses: it got pricey. Which rather sucks as we can no longer afford to go as often as we’d like. But the staff is friendly and Paul is almost a permanent fixture at the end of the main bar. He’s always up for some bullshitting.

They have a full menu…appetizers, sandwiches, salads, burgers, wraps and whatever else. The burgers and pizza are awesome! They’ve also started having specials. Monday is buck burger, Wednesday is freakin’ cheap pizza. Friday they have a pretty good fish fry. I’m not sure what they have Tuesdays, Thursdays or on the weekends but it’s probably worth looking into.

They have live music most, if not all, Friday nights. They have Monday night cribbage a couple of times a year. They’ve done Fourth of July fireworks. At Christmas they do a cookie exchange and make sure that some of the widowers that come in get Christmas cookies. Seems like one year they had a pot luck picnic. And I’m sure there are other things they do that I’m not thinking of. Like I said…we don’t go as often as we used to.

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path place, it doesn’t get much better than this.